Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We’re having a really nice visit with Mom. Cheyenne is feeling quite a home already (note the photo). The weather here has been cloudy and cool, around 60 degrees. A little bit of a breeze but pretty mild. I do have to admit I’m already missing the sunshine of the east side of the state. This morning Mom had her 2 exercise classes to go to so we decided to take advantage of the no sales tax in Oregon and go shopping .

We headed to Camping World which is obviously a store specializing in camping equipment but they lean more toward the RV world rather than tent type camping. Dave has been wanting a generator so he got a Honda 2000. We both have been wishing for more comfortable lawn chairs, so we got a couple of those too. Add to that some parts for the sewer line, stuff for the kitchen and a patriotic wind sock and you have a list of what was in our shopping cart. Tomorrow, Costco!

For dinner tonight Mom, Dave & I plan to go to Sweet Tomatoes restaurant. I love that place, a really good buffet, good food and good selection. Rumor has it they are featuring Strawberries this month….yum!

Mom's interesting house plant

Beautiful Rhododendrons at a neighbor's house

Hey!! The Space Station is having toilet flushing problems too... maybe it's something going around ;)

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