Friday, June 20, 2008

Silverton Oregon

We moved today to Silver Spur RV Park in Silverton Oregon, just out of Salem. We are out in farm country, pretty rolling hills and a view of Mt. Hood. The park is nice, a beautiful club house and a fair sized park. Trees in the park are rather small yet but it is still a nice park. When we checked in we saw they were having a spaghetti feed tonight so we signed up to go. We were to bring either a salad, veggie, desert or bread dish so I took stock of our supplies and found I had coleslaw makings so that is what I took. There were about 20 people there and we talked a lot with Ted and Laura from Port Townsend, WA. They have been full timing for a year now so we talked about their travels. It was a nice time.

The weather here is quite a change from the Oregon Coast even though we only moved about 70 miles. The temperature went from the high 60’s to the 80’s! So yesterday I was in a sweatshirt and jacket, today shorts and tank top.

I've included a few pictures of the country between the coast and Salem Oregon….
A huge stack of logs at a lumber mill and a shot while driving through the Van Duzer Corridor

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