Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lazy Day

It has been a very typical Oregon Coast day… rain squalls, heavy mist, wind, clouds, so we haven’t been out much. We drove in to Lincoln City to do a little banking and filled up the pickup with diesel. No, the banking was not to take out a loan to fill the tank with diesel, but it is getting ridiculous! Oh well, I’m sure the fuel prices will get higher yet but as there is little I can do to stop it I’m not gonna worry about it.

We did take a couple short walks over to the Fogarty Creek State Park today. The park is protected from the wind so providing you manage to fit your visit between rain squalls it‘s not a bad place to go walking. On our second walk we braved it out on to the beach and found oodles of sea foam. Now if you have never seen sea foam in the wind, it kind of looks like wobbling Jello. Cheyenne was not at all sure what to make of this stuff. She spotted a little glob of it caught between a couple rocks and… well, look at the video… so funny.

The photo above is at Fogarty Creek State Park

The photo to the right is of the sea foam on the beach

Cheyenne vs. the sea foam

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