Sunday, June 22, 2008

Silver Falls State Park

Wow, what a lovely park. We weren’t expecting anything so big! Evidently there are 10 waterfalls you can hike by, we made it to two (hey, not bad for non-hikers!) South Falls which falls 177 feet and Frenchy Falls which is so small they didn‘t list how far it falls. We started off with Cheyenne, taking a couple little trails around, I believe one was called the Maple Grove trail. Unfortunately the trail that looked the most interesting, the Canyon Trail , is no pets allowed so we took Cheye back to the pickup and headed out again. The reason we wanted to take that trail is it takes you behind the South Falls, very beautiful. We just went a little ways and then headed back. It was a pleasant little walk, fairly steep coming back but nice. I would definitely recommend stopping at this park if you are in the area. You can get some beautiful views of South Falls from trails that don’t demand much walking, and the trails are paved.

Something that struck both of us on our way to Silver Falls Park was all of the Christmas Tree farms we saw. Acre after acre of them. I kind of figured fresh Christmas trees were really on their way out, most people I know have artificial ones. I suppose some of the trees may be sold live to nurseries also, but the signs usually said “Christmas Trees”.

After we went to Silver Falls we came home, ate some lunch and headed in to Salem, our destination was Costco. Goodness it was busy there! We were hoping to pick up a couple golf cart batteries but they didn’t have any. We’ve seen them at other Costco’s but this one seemed to be out. If you didn’t know RV’ers use golf cart batteries to run lights and appliances when they don’t have a power hook-up. We haven’t done any camping where we needed them yet, but I imagine they would come in handy.

Pictures and videos are all from Silver Falls State Park.

Falls from above

Falls from behind

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