Thursday, June 5, 2008

Where Is The Sunshine?

It has rained and drizzled on us ever since we went over White Pass. I grew up on this side of the mountains but I lived on the east side of Washington State for about the last 28 years….I miss the sunshine of the east side. Of course I also love the beautiful Rhodies, Azaleas and the greenery that all the rain and drizzle keeps so beautiful on this side of the State. It is kind of interesting what a difference one mountain range can make.

We plan to go back up to Chehalis tomorrow morning hoping the trailer will be fixed by the afternoon. If not we will have to punt. From there we are thinking of either going to the beach or possibly going to a bit south first and then to the beach. As usual we don’t know and I am really enjoying that aspect of our new lifestyle!

Hey... some blue sky!

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