Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching Up

Sorry I haven’t posted for a couple days… no internet where we stopped!! Yikes!

June 29, 2008

We stopped at Indian Creek Campground on White Pass. With the weather being really hot this weekend I was afraid the campgrounds up here would be packed, but they had a number of spots open. The campground is beautiful, part of the Wenatchee National Forest. I believe it is Rimrock Lake that boarders one side of the campground and of course Indian Creek runs along another side into the lake. It has been in the high 80’s here but in a lawn chair under the awning with a stand of conifer trees it’s not been bad. We have gone on walks, I have read about 2/3rd’s of a book, we played Yahtzee and just talked. You see there is no internet up here, we are out of range, no cell phone, no TV. We do have lights thanks to the batteries we just bought and with the generator we can run the microwave, recharge batteries and most important, I can run a hair dryer and curling iron! Yeah! This kind of “roughing it” I can handle.

Here are a few pics and a video from Indian Creek. The video is instructional, it is how we get kindling for our evening bonfires.

June 28, 2008

Our visit with Jim & Kathy was great. We had good food and fun conversation, however this morning things got…well….poopy. To start at the beginning; on our way to Jim & Kathy’s a sports car passed us, the driver was honking his horn and pointing toward the back of the trailer. We pulled over only to find the sewer hose dangling from it’s storage place bouncing along behind us on the freeway. It looked okay, plastic ends were fine so Dave stuffed it back in place and taped everything shut. Move forward to today - when dumping the black water this morning there was much commotion, many curse words and a smell… Seems some of the coating on the hose was rubbed off which caused a leak. Actually Jim said it was more of a fountain effect. Some quick thinking and action on the guys part and everything was under control. Jim was disappointed that I didn’t rush out and video for the blog, but I really wanted to avoid being downwind.

Oh… here is a video of the new satellite dish folding up before we took off….

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