Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We're back

Well, we are back in the area, over in Hood Park again. After getting the new attached satellite dish we decided to store the 2 stand alone dishes in our storage unit in Kennewick. We also had a few other items to store so we decided to head back here and get everything packed away.

Kind of a bad beginning today; it’s hot, we had to stop at Wal-Mart on the way so we got to the park later than we hoped, only a few spaces left, all of the open spaces had sprinklers running so we had to park in the sprinklers, opened the trailer and found I hadn't latched the fridge door properly when we left Wal-Mart and a jar of Sauerkraut broke on the floor and carpet (stink!). But things got better, Dave has a Golden Age Pass which we didn’t know they honored here, but they do so we got our half off discount! Discounts are always fun! Also, even though we are parked amongst the trees the satellite dish is getting signal, even HD. So we are all settled in at Hood Park and will stay through the 4th. It should be hopping over the weekend, and hot!

The picture below is of Rimrock Lake taken from the truck en route. The other two are in Hood Park all set up and ready to celebrate Independence Day!

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old fat man said...

Welcome to the RV world. Your sebsite caught my notice on Hitchitch. I left Richland Washington and the Horn Rapids RV park on Oct 7,2007 and have never looked back.