Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Coastal Weather

Today's weather is what I think of as real coast weather. We went to Oregon beaches a lot while I was growing up and the Washington beaches have the same kind of weather... frequently cloudy, drizzle and wind, all things I associate with the beach. It doesn’t bother me as it gives me the perfect excuse to read, nap, surf the net, etc. So today is one of those louse around the house days.

This morning we went up to the Lodge and did a little internet surfing. Our Verizon Wireless aircard is struggling with any kind of connection so the 1000 Trails wireless came in handy. From there we came back to the house, I did a little reading and Dave did a little napping. I’m reading a book “Letters of a Woman Homesteader”. I bought it in Keystone, SD and it is a collection of letters written by a woman that homesteaded a parcel of land in the Wyoming area. She was not only a clever independent lady she writes fabulous letters! It is interesting to see a little into the lives of people in the early 1900’s. My what a difference 100 years makes.

This afternoon Dave went over to the office and got a booklet of all the 1000 Trails preserves. We haven’t received our membership stuff yet so we didn’t have one. So after dinner we got out the maps and opened the book and did some brain storming. Still no firm plans but we’ll get there yet. :)

My pictures are of a neighbor... a little bird with a nest in the grass just outside our door. I can’t figure out what possessed the bird to build a nest in such a dangerous place, but she did. Someone put some chunks of wood on either side of the nest otherwise I doubt you would even see it. Hope the eggs make it!
top left: bird on the nest
center right: bird beside the nest
bottom left: eggs in the nest

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