Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leaving Long Beach, WA Tomorrow

Our stay at Long Beach was short but nice. As I said earlier, the park isn’t the prettiest RV park but it is fine. Today we saw a deer in the park, so beautiful! I imagine we will come back here some day, it’s really in a great location with a terrific beach close by.

Today started out sunny and nice, but by noon the clouds had rolled in and later the wind came up. We didn’t do much out of he ordinary, read, surfed the net, etc. I took Cheye down to the beach since we won’t be by the ocean for a few weeks. I can’t believe how unafraid she is of the ocean now.

I have been looking at getting a signal amplifier and antenna for our Verizon aircard. Most of the time we can get a signal, but it would be nice to get a stronger one so our internet would be faster. I’ve been looking at a Wilson booster and today there was a guy staying at the park that sells them so we bought one! Here in Long Beach you can’t get Verizon’s fastest coverage (Broadband Rev-A) and it is even difficult to get any coverage. We were able to get 1 or 2 bars if you put the computer in a particular spot in the trailer and didn’t move it. With the antenna we can get 2 bars anywhere in the trailer, so that helps. It will be interesting to see how it works on our travels. It will even work with our cellphone so maybe I can make calls from the trailer rather than driving into town!

Didn’t take any pictures or video today, so these are all from sometime during our stay here at Long Beach, WA.

left: North Head Lighthouse
right: view from North Head Lighthouse
video: the beach at Long Beach, WA

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