Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodbye to Hood Park (again)

It wasn’t in our original plans to come back to the Valley so soon, I especially didn’t want to be here when the weather was so hot, but all worked out well. We culled out some stuff we had brought with us that we really didn’t use and got to see family and friends we thought we wouldn’t see for many more months. All in all a really nice side trip. Tonight we are packing up the trailer so we can head out fairly early tomorrow. The plan is to get as far as Idaho and stop, about 200 miles or so.

This morning the masses headed out and for most of the day we and about 8 other RV’s with us on the camping side of the park. The day park side has been packed all day again. A few other RV’s have pulled in this afternoon.

Chad & Robin invited us over for barbecue this afternoon. We sat out by their pool and ate yummy burgers followed by a really amazingly wonderful chocolate cake and some ice cream. It was sooooo good. Even Cheye came along. Good friends and good food… always a great combination.

daypark parking lot

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