Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Beautiful Day at the Beach

We started today about the same as yesterday, up and out to the beach. Beautiful sunshine and very little wind made for a great walk. This time we walked to the North rather than South, but to do so we had to cross one of those little streams that run across the beach. We tried to find a shallow spot and hop across but we both ended up with soaked feet. It was a low tide so there was a large rocky area with tide pools exposed and we explored them a bit. When we headed back we had to cross the stream again, re-soaking our shoes. With Cheye having done her usual running in the ocean and rolling in the sand all 3 of us were a bit wet and sandy when we crawled into the pickup.

After the beach we stopped for breakfast and then it was home. We spent a lot of the day looking at Plan A and Plan B for our 1000 Trails reservations. Hopefully we will be able to do our booking tomorrow. As I mentioned yesterday, trying to get a full week or two in one place is a little hard right now. I’m sure it will loosen up after Labor Day but until then we may have to stay at other RV parks in between 1000 Trail campgrounds.

I also tried to upload a un-condensed video but couldn’t . It is too big of a file and the internet connection is too slow here. So today's video is a bit choppy, just like yesterday's. Hopefully we will soon be in a place where I can get broadband coverage with our aircard.

op left: Siletz River
middle left: Sea anemone
bottom right: Beach at Lincoln City

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