Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Continental Divide

Well, we crossed the Continental Divide today and shortly after we crossed it things got a bit scary. There is a 6% downhill grade where the semi-trucks are required to go only 25 mph. We were going fairly slowly, about 40 and were coming up on a group of trucks. Since a little sports car was zipping along in the left lane Dave slowed down and waited for it to pass and pulled in the left lane to pass the trucks. At the same time one of the semi trucks pulled into the left lane! We (and the sports car) barely got slowed down in time. Dave said he had been braking with everything we had. Afterwards Dave asked me if I was using the “right seat brakes” too and I had! Wow, it was close. The smell of hot brakes was pretty strong!

We made it to Livingston Montana today. Again, great scenery the entire trip. I think my favorite was around the Butte area, not far from where we are now.

Since we were on the road most of the day we didn’t do much once we got here. Set up camp, took a nap, ran into town for fuel and a few groceries and had spaghetti for dinner. I think it will be an early night.

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