Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mount Moriah Cemetery

The Mount Moriah Cemetery is really a lovely place, high on a hill with lots of pine trees throughout. Old cemeteries are so interesting and of course sad. One area had a child age 14, the child’s brother age 25 and an infant sibling. The mother’s headstone was also there saying “The Mother of ...” and naming all the children. Strangely her date of death was never filled in, we are assuming she must have remarried and was buried else where. There was a large Potter’s Field of unmarked graves, a large mass grave from when there was a Small Pox epidemic and of course Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane’s graves. I guess Calamity’s dying request was “bury me by Bill”, so they did. Bill was shot in the back of the head while playing poker. It was kind of neat, while at the cemetery a doe trotted through, really beautiful and just added a touch more beauty to the lovely cemetery.

After we left the cemetery we stopped for some groceries and then back to the trailer. I spent most of the afternoon trying to back up my nice (only a few months old) Sony Vaio. Seems I have a problem, it keeps crashing over and over. I’m guessing the HD is bad. I was able to get it running in Safe Mode long enough to get my stuff off the drive, but it isn’t looking good. I did buy the extended warranty on it but I’ll have to get to a Best Buy. For now I am back on my good ol’ Mac. Of course I had to get the Mac all caught up, install the Flip Video, the Verizon Aircard, my gmail account, etc. Oh well, it was an interesting project for the day!
Top left is the Mt Moriah Cemetery
Middle right is Wild Bill's grave

Below is video of the deer in the cemetery

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