Monday, July 14, 2008

Leaving Deadwood Tomorrow

Today we went into town, got our mail at the Post Office and realized there was a problem. Due to some assuming (yes, I know I should never do that) we thought all of our mail was being sent here but part of it was sent to Keystone. This was not our mail forwarding company’s fault...totally ours. Oops. So after I called the Keystone Post Office to make sure the mail was there we decided on a trip to Keystone today. :) We had lunch while we were there and headed back to Deadwood. Keystone is cute town, probably closest to Mt. Rushmore. Totally tourist, but nicely done. On our trip back to Deadwood Cheye needed to stretch her legs and, well, do doggie stuff, so we pulled into Sheridan Lake park. Very pretty, actually the drive from Keystone to Deadwood is very pretty.

Tomorrow, early, we will go get our South Dakota drivers licenses. The drivers licenses are one of the main reasons we came to South Dakota at this time. Back when we decided to become full time RVers we had to decide on a mail forwarding service. The one we picked was in South Dakota. SD is one of the 7 States left without a State Income Tax, their vehicle licensing is not expensive and the mail forwarding company was highly recommended which are all the reasons why we picked it. Since our address is in SD we decided we better get our drivers licenses changed and so we headed to SD before the weather got bad and before the Sturgis rally! (Too many people in these parts during Sturgis.) So tomorrow is our drivers license day and then we will head out. Where? Well back to the west coast, probably Oregon.

top left: the Office at Whistler's Gulch Campground
top right: Sheridan Lake
bottom left: RV park at Whistler's Gulch Campground
bottom right: tunnel just outside Keystone, SD

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