Monday, July 28, 2008

A Trip to Town

We went into Seaview/Long Beach this morning. The two towns run together and other than the numbering of the streets It is pretty difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. It is a really nice downtown area, they have it fixed up with flowers and well kept store fronts. Lots of tourist type shops, t-shirts, knick knacks, goodies, etc. We found ourselves in a lovely bakery where we picked up some baked yummies.

After a little shopping around we had halibut & chips for lunch at one of the local restaurants and then back home. This afternoon was spent doing laundry and cleaning followed by a walk on the beach. Another beautiful day on the beach!

We met our neighbors, Ted and Diane, yesterday. They have been fulltiming for 13 years now. Really nice people. They were out getting things ready to leave tomorrow and we got into a conversation about 1000 Trails parks they have been to. Sounds like we will have a number of pretty parks to visit!
top left: the trail to the beach
bottom right: a beautiful day on the beach
below: a video of downtown Long Beach

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Tom Warfield said...

I used to be a TT member 30 years ago (lost it in a divorce) and we took advantage of some free access we got with a new RV back in 1999. The "Naco" place in Long Beach is the only one I've been to that wasn't similar to the one you were at in Pacific City. I take that back ... Cultus Lake in BC, Canada is also much like a regular RV park but at least the spots aren't bumper to bumper and it is in a nice wooded area.