Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dog In the Ocean...again

Went into town, Pacific City, ( <-- Jim that is for you) again this morning in search of mail and to make a couple calls. Once we got the mail I found I needed to make 2 more phone calls so we sat in the local grocer’s parking lot taking care of business. I haven’t had to take care of this much business since we sold the house! Business done, a few more groceries purchased and back to the campground. We decided to go down to the beach before lunch today, so we headed out taking my trusty Flip Video with us. I actually take that thing everywhere, I really love how handy it is. Anyway, the tide was way out and we decided to head north up the beach. Cheye was in a Seagull chasing mood and really went after one following it out quite a ways into the surf! The surf wasn’t deep, she was running not swimming, but on her way back in she managed to find a couple, well, holes. In she went, over her head! Well, watch the video below. She was a fair distance away and the Flip Video doesn’t have any zoom to speak of, but you can still see her.

After lunch I went up to the Lodge to see what kind of internet speed I could get. I am happy to say I can get faster speeds on my Verizon Aircard with 1-2 bars than I could at the Lodge. The Lodge connection is a good enough to email and do a little searching around but not any serious business. While there some people were talking about other 1000 Trails campgrounds so I joined in. Dave came in shortly after that and we quizzed the others about where they have stayed and which places they liked. It was interesting, they both had memberships totally different from ours. I didn’t know there were so many different ones!

Tonight we had dinner and watched a movie. After that it was off to the showers and then work on the blog. So now that you are caught up with my day as far as it has gone I guess I’ll sign off!
top right: Cheye shaking
bottom left: on the way back from town
video: Cheye chasing a Seagull

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