Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Whale Tale/Tail

This morning we went into town to pick up a few groceries and to call 1000 Trails Member Services (only 1 bar on my cell phone while in the campground...not enough to make a call). When we set up all our reservations we had a 2 day gap due to lack of openings. The gap was this coming Friday and Saturday night. Well we noticed online that there was an opening now here at Pacific City but the system wouldn’t let us book it. You see in 1000 Trails you can book for up to 21 days (for our membership) at a park but once you leave that park you can’t come back to the same park for 1 week It is a good plan I think, keeps people from monopolizing one place. Anyway, the computer was seeing it as a new booking rather than an extending our current reservation. Member services said the park here could extend our stay. So back to the park with our groceries, had them extend our stay and all is well, we are there through Saturday night.

After we got everything settled we came back to the trailer, we had lunch and then decided it was time to do laundry. So while we were waiting on the laundry we found a place by the lodge overlooking the ocean, we sat down, looked out at the ocean and we both spotted whales! We saw a few spouts (or as Dave puts it, whale breath) the backs and even a tail. Shame the trailer was so far away or I would have gone back for the camera.

the photo is from a view point overlooking the park
the video... toasting a marshmallow! Enjoy


Tom Warfield said...

If toasting in the flames is your usual method you will really like the results of slow roasting over just coals.

Dave and Lori said...

Yeah the coals are much better. I was in a bit of a rush...don't know if you saw the marshmallow caught on fire! Oops!