Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Already a Full House

As I mentioned yesterday, Hood Park is quite full. On our walk this evening we only saw 1 site that wasn’t either full or reserved. When we were here over Memorial Day weekend the park didn’t fill up so soon before the holiday, but I guess people planned ahead for the 4th. It’s a much quieter group than was here over Memorial Day, maybe because it is so blamed HOT!

Today I went into Pasco and had lunch with my friend Debbie. We only had about an hour to chat since she was on her lunch break, you just can’t get caught up in an hour but it was good to see her even if for a short time. After I got back I took Cheye for a little walk down to the water. I tossed a stick in the water trying to get her to swim to it but she just doesn’t want to swim. She gets out so far and then flops around trying to jump back on to land. I thought Golden Retrievers were supposed to be water dogs…evidently I need to explain that to Cheye. Here is a video of her “almost” swim…

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