Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Road Day

We got our drivers licenses this morning. A very pleasant DMV experience at Deadwood, nice people that chatted with us about Washington, traveling and South Dakota, very unlike the DMV in Kennewick or Sunnyside that we are used to. What is it about drivers license photos anyway? They are always awful! This one is so bad that if I got stopped by the police and they don’t think I’m using someone else’s license (because of the picture) I will be insulted.

We got on the road at about 9:00 a.m. and drove through to Laurel Montana. We are at a RV park behind a truck-stop-type place. The park is, well, convenient. We plan on heading out really early tomorrow. What is the rush you ask??? It's hot! We want to get back over to the Oregon coast and don’t plan on slowing down until we get there.
I was downloading pictures from the regular camera (not my Flip Video) and found some pics Dave took of Spokane Creek Campground in Keystone. They are the middle right and bottom left photos. The upper left photo is one I took while we were driving through Wyoming today... or was it in Montana...could even be in South Dakota... oh dear........ I can't remember!

Here is a video I took yesterday of downtown Keystone:

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