Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Very Relaxing Day

The day started off cloudy but the sun broke through about noon. We went down to the beach early, about 9:00 a.m. and Cheye had a ball! Running, chasing birds, drinking salt water (yuk!), rolling, just lots of fun dog stuff.

I had mentioned yesterday that we were going to call 1000 Trails reservation line today, we tried but they are only open M-F. You can book online but for some reason it isn’t working for us, neither is the automated reservation phone line. We suspect it is because something isn’t totally set up yet but we will call Monday and see. We were able to make reservations at Pacific City but that was by talking to a reservation operator, not by using any of the automated systems.

Anyway, after our walk on the beach we came back to the trailer and surfed the net, had lunch and then I decided on a nap. About the time I laid down Dave decided to finish taking out the shower door that came with the trailer - It was called a sliding shower door which ended up being a white plastic accordion folded door that the handle broke with the first use, the accordion part of the door kept falling out of the track and it was just cheap. We have replaced it with an old fashioned rod and curtain and like it much better! Anyway, back to my nap - one thing I think I’d want if we ever replace this trailer is a door on the bedroom. If either of us stays up late or wants to nap during the day there is only a cloth curtain to separate the bedroom from the living portion of the trailer. Consequently there is no sound barrier. Now I doubt even a door would block all the sound but it would help. Happily we both have earbud headphones, which I used this afternoon to drown out the sound of Dave working. It worked just fine and I had a very successful nap.

Tonight we are going back to the Italian Riviera restaurant in Depoe Bay. We really enjoyed the food there last time and I am looking forward to eating there again.

Here is a little longer video than I normally (of course) stars Cheyenne and her excitement of being back at the beach.
all photos taken at Lincoln City today


Barry Ryan said...

I like the format of the new video, seems so much sharper. I guess this Viddler is compatable with Blogger for uploads. Are you shooting your videos with a digital cam or a video cam? Email me if you will. Enjoy your posts.

Dave & Lori said...

Thanks Barry! I did email you but thought I'd post here too. Viddler is like YouTube but I think the quality is better. The cam I use most of the time is my handy dandy Flip Video Ultra. Love it