Friday, July 11, 2008

Mt. Rushmore

Driving in to the campground yesterday was pretty intense…the roads were winding and very narrow. At times the trailer was hanging over the edge of the road. We were following the directions the campground listed on their website, but this morning Dave asked if there was a better way when we head out tomorrow. They told him about another road, less windy and less traveled, so we decided to scope it out this morning on our drive to Keystone. It did seem better so that’s how we will head out tomorrow.

We got to Mt. Rushmore fairly early, about 9:00, so the crowds weren’t too bad. We went by the cafeteria area, and decided to peek in, hoping against hope that it still looked like it did when it was filmed in North by Northwest, but it had totally changed. Oh well! Guess they had to remodel after 50 years ;) They were serving breakfast so we decided to eat. Then back out to photograph the monument. Pictures really don’t do it justice, it’s just amazing.

We came back on the windiest road I have ever been on, but it was beautiful! I wasn’t real thrilled with the tunnels that are only one vehicle wide and quite low, but they weren’t very long so I made it. We stopped at one scenic lookout to take pictures and let Cheye walk a bit. Then it was back to the campground and a relaxing afternoon. Right now we are slurping on milkshakes again, well mine is a malt actually, enjoying the fabulous weather today. Tomorrow, Deadwood.

above: narrow one lane road but pretty scenery
right: pretty pine forests by Mt. Rushmore

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