Monday, July 21, 2008

Our First 1000 Trails Campground

Actually, they call them 1000 Trails Preserves, but I like Campground better. I suppose it isn’t really a campground as they have cabins and trailers for rent, a small store, game room, laundry rooms, a “family lodge” room with a big screen TV and wireless hookup, miniature golf, basketball courts, indoor pool, hot tub and on Saturday & Sunday a little cafe! I am impressed, quite the place.

This morning we called 1000 Trails and got everything all set up so we are now able to book online. We actually have made reservations through September 2. We weren’t able to get some of our first choices, but we are happy with what we got. After we got everything booked we packed up and headed out about 10:30. It is only about 30 miles from Lincoln City so a short drive today. I somehow assumed you would have a space assigned to you at the 1000 Trails places, but not so. Basically you make a reservation and then drive through the park and pick from whatever is open. There were quite a few sites when we arrived and found one we liked and set up camp.

This afternoon we walked over to the store/pool/laundry area and bought ice cream cones (yum) and looked around a bit. A little later we walked down to the beach, great beach! Very long, great for walking. I was surprised to see cars parked on the beach. I thought that Oregon didn’t allow vehicles on the beach but evidently I was wrong.

Tonight we grilled burgers and are just relaxing a bit...after all it has been a tough day. ;)

Still having to compress the video...oh well!
photos taken at Pacific City


Tom and Terri said...

I really enjoy your blog!! We are 3 years from retirement, and it's exciting to read about your adventures. I do have a question for you...did you buy your 1000 Trails membership through them, or from someone who was selling it?

Dave and Lori said...

Glad you are enjoying our blog! We bought a Platinum membership from someone that was selling. Actually we bought it through a broker that posted it on ebay! Monaghan Enterprises ...I'd recommend them to anyone,they did a great job.