Saturday, July 26, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow

We have really enjoyed our first 1000 Trails Campground here in Pacific City, OR. We think it is beautiful, reminds me of a National Forest park. The amenities are great and the beach fabulous. Tomorrow we head out but we are scheduled to return here in mid-August.

I have been writing down all of our campground stops on a calendar since we began our travels in May. We had fun looking through it yesterday, I had already forgotten a few of the places we have stopped in the 2 1/2 months we’ve been on the road. I’m sure it will be even more interesting in a year!

Today was a very gray, drizzly day and we didn’t do much. I got an email last night from one of the couples we met while on the road, Ted & Laura we met in Silverton Oregon. So I replied today and then I found my friend Sandy online on Google Chat so we chatted for a while. Besides that I vacuumed, ate,watched some TV (Nascar was on and Dave is a fan) washed dishes and we walked Cheyenne a couple times. Just kind of a regular old day in a RV park!

I’ve put together a video with a few views of this campground. I also took some pics of a couple unique trailers here. Seems like we are seeing quite a few of the tear drop and smaller trailers lately. I’m sure fuel prices are making the smaller tows much more appealing but I don't think Dave, Cheye and I would ever fit in one!


Sharon & Dennis Fulltime Wannabees! said...

Hi! Have enjoyed your fulltimers website! Was curious, who is your hubby's favorite nascar driver? Both hubby and I are big Nascar fans, and are fulltime wannbees!
Ssharon and Dennis
Cincinnati Oio

Dave and Lori said...

He says Kenny Schrader, but evidently Kenny doesn't have a chance this year so Jimmy Johnson is his second favorite! Glad you're enjoying the blog! Hope you get to be fulltimers soon.