Saturday, July 12, 2008

Deadwood, SD

We made it to Deadwood and we’re staying at Whistler’s Gulch Campground. It is about a mile away from downtown Deadwood. They have a trolley that will take you into town for $1.00 a piece, so after we set up we went downtown and wandered a bit. The town is all done in a Western theme and is really cute. We looked around at the shops and casinos and finally sat down at one of the cafes, got a root beer, and watched people a while. We plan on going to the cemetery tomorrow, it is where Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane are buried.

This morning before we left Spokane Creek Campground we got to talking to a woman whose name I can’t remember (sorry!) about full timing (full time RV’ing). She said her husband wanted to try it for a year and she was asking about pitfalls and if we enjoyed it. It got me to thinking…what would I change or do differently if I had the last 2 months to do over again. I would have started setting up house in the trailer about 2 weeks before the closing of the house rather than 3 days. Hmmmmm I’m afraid that is about all. I mean the problems we had fixed on the trailer last month ended up creating a fun time visiting Jim & Kathy and my Mom. Same with deciding to get a dish installed after trying to use the “set up yourself” dishes. Getting the dish installed actually took us back to our old home area and we got to see some friends again so that was fun. I suppose we could have saved on fuel costs if we hadn’t done the back and forth trips, but oh well! I guess we knew going in that this first year would be a bit crazy. We are both loving the travel, learning to barbecue a lot more, eating out at restaurants less, having fun deciding what route to take, seeing attractions and enjoying each other. Tomorrow we will have been in our trailer 2 months, not really all that long. So far we are having a great time.

Top left was taken in downtown Deadwood
Middle right was one of the narrow winding roads we drove over today pulling the trailer

Here is a video taken in downtown Deadwood

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