Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Long Day On The Road

We are in Washington State in the Columbia River Gorge at a park called Peach Beach RV. Our target was Maryhill State Park but the “RV sites full” sign was out. Peach Beach is just next to Maryhill so we didn’t have to go looking too far. We left St. Regis at 5:30 this morning and made here around noon. Peach Beach is a nice park, a fair amount of trees and it is right on the Columbia River.

Once we got set up and registered we walked over to a fruit stand and bought some local peaches and blackberry syrup. Then we had lunch and took Cheye for a walk down to the river. She had a fun time chasing sticks Dave threw out in the water. Still no swimming, she just wades out and then lunges back through the water. *Update* we went for a walk around Maryhill Park, took Cheye down to the boat launch area and she actually swam! She got out and went right back in and swam around again, actually did this 3 more times. I think we finally have a water dog! I'll post the video tomorrow when I should have better internet speeds. (do I sound like a proud mom or what?)

We are both ready to be in one place for a few days. Tomorrow we have reservations through Sunday night at Coyote Rock RV in Lincoln City Oregon. We stayed there before and enjoyed it. The park is right on the Siletz River and is a very pretty. Looking forward to sleeping in, walks on the beach and hopefully some evening bonfires...maybe a toasted marshmellow or two. :)

top left: Peach Beach RV Park
middle right: Cheye swimming
bottom left: interesting trailer at Maryhill State Park

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