Saturday, July 5, 2008


The showers here are pretty nice and as we are trying to keep from filling up the gray water tanks I got up early this morning to beat the shower crowds. I found one big difference showering here in July than where we were here in May…bugs. This morning the bathroom counters were literally covered in gnats, dead gnats. And then there were those giant flying bugs that look kinda like mosquitoes, lots of them by the ceiling still flying around. I really don’t like bugs, I’m sure they serve a wonderful purpose in the grand scheme of things but I wish they would stay outside. Out of my house, out of the restrooms here, just outside. Once they are inside all they seem to do is try to find their way back outside but almost never succeed, why is that when they can find inside so easily?

Last night I did see a few fireworks from the neighboring areas, heard lots more than I saw. They were far enough away that Cheye had no reaction to them at all which was nice. Emergency vehicles rushed to a house not far from here but I couldn’t see what happened. Hopefully nothing too bad.

Tonight we are going to meet our friends Chad & Robin for dinner. We are going to Magill’s off of Road 68. ......... Okay, we’re back now. Good food at Magill’s, I had the Prime Rib special and Dave had the Halibut and Chips special. Normally they offer those specials on Friday night but due to the 4th they were closed Friday and offered the specials today so we lucked out! It was really good, a lot of food too. Of course the company was great, we always enjoy Chad & Robin, fun people.

Tomorrow will be our last day at Hood Park and then we are headed East. Monday morning we are off to South Dakota.

Here is a video I took as we left for dinner…shows how crowded the park is right now. On the way back in we noticed they had the “Park Full” sign out!

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