Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quiet Day

Today was a quiet day, we went for a walk early in the morning looking at sites that we might want to use next time we are here. It was funny, we talked to some people along the way that told us they hadn’t made a single reservation and got in to the 1000 Trails campgrounds all summer. Hmmmmmm, well until I know the system a little better I think I’ll stick with reservations.

I got caught up on emails after our walk and did some internet surfing fitting lunch in there somewhere. Later I was feeling a bit restless so Cheye and I went on a walk around the park to areas we hadn’t been to yet. This is a big park! Later Dave, I and Cheye went down to the beach. Beautiful down there, sunny and no wind at all. After we got back it was time for dinner and we barbecued kabobs. That about sums up the entire day!

Dave is out building a fire now so I see a couple toasted marshmellows in my future...yum.

The video is just so you can enjoy the beach!

Top left: the beach
middle right: trail to beach
bottom right: Cheye watching Chimunks out the window

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