Thursday, July 3, 2008

Morning chores

Today we went into town early to take care of a couple “chores”; have the oil changed and transmission fluid changed in the pickup and get haircuts. I just can’t help but love the internet. We knew where we could find a Supercuts since last time we were here we got haircuts, so I went to Google maps, find a business, entered “oil change” in what type of business and “Clearwater” for the road and *poof* a bunch of oil change businesses showed up on the map. There was a place that was close by so I Googled them to find out business hours. This morning we showed up at their 8:00 a.m. opening time and got the pickup taken care of then over for haircuts (I went rather short this time!) and back home. A nice outing and we got back before it was too hot.

Speaking of weather, they are saying possibility of thunderstorms and rain or hail this evening. I really hope they are wrong. Dave loves thunder storms, I do not. I forgot to tell you that the last night we were at Indian Creek Campground it clouded up and we had lightening, thunder and hail followed by rain. Here is a little video of it. The popping sound is the hail hitting the roof of the trailer.

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