Saturday, June 7, 2008

You’ve got mail….NOT!

Well dang, no mail yet. Note to self: leave at least a 3 day window for receiving mail. So we are camped at Jim & Kathy’s for the weekend. It is actually a really nice place to be; friendly people, fenced-in yard for Cheyenne to run, electric and water hook-up, free of charge, but I was hoping to start on our adventure. You see I really don’t feel like we have completely left yet. The first step was getting over the Pass and out of the Yakima Valley, then only a little visiting and away we go. However the U.S. Mail goes at it’s own pace and I shouldn’t have cut it so close when I told the mail forwarding company to send our mail here. Silly me.

Here is a little video of Cheyenne and Jim's dog Recon having a friendly tug-of-war

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