Friday, June 13, 2008

We moved

We made our move from Fogarty Creek RV Park to Coyote Rock RV Resort & Marina. Only about a 10 minute drive but wow what a difference. Fogarty Creek is a nice park, but it is just a place to park your RV and then head to the beach…kind of like a motel. Coyote Rock is beautiful! Right on the Siletz River, beautiful large trees, grassy areas, nicely landscaped, just lovely. It is North of where we were and about a mile and a half east off Hwy 101. We feel remote but are actually closer to Lincoln City than at Fogarty Creek. Definitely a nice change!

Besides packing up, moving and setting back up we did a little grocery shopping and picked up our mail in Lincoln City today. Tonight I think it will be hamburgers on the grill for dinner.

Dave just mentioned it is 1 month ago that we moved out of our home in Benton City. It is also my 6 month anniversary of leaving my last job! It’s interesting thinking back, in one way packing up the trailer and moving down to Prosser seems so long ago, but then again in other ways it seems like just a couple days. Funny how the mind works, or doesn’t !!

Below is our trailer at Coyote Rock and on the right is a shot from the boat dock on the Siletz River

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