Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goodbye to Silver Spur RV Park

We left Silver Spur RV Park yesterday after enjoying the free Tuesday morning continental breakfast. We ate breakfast with Jim and Linda, the couple I mentioned that have a Golden Retriever (Timber) that looks like a small version of Cheye. Really nice people.

We are kinda back tracking…from Silverton we came back up to Vancouver and are visiting my Mom now. Unlike the last time (see Dear John post) we have the trailer with us. We parked the trailer in the clubhouse parking lot by my Mom’s, so this is our first boondocking experience! Woo-hoo! I was reminded yesterday that not everyone reading this blog know RV terms, so I suppose I should explain boondocking - it is camping where there are no hook-ups (water, sewer & electric) so you can boondock in a Walmart parking lot or out in the forest. Since we are sleeping at the trailer our first boondocking will forever be the Clubhouse parking lot by Mom’s! Usually when you boondock you don’t have a really nice house to go hang out in all day with free laundry facilities, free wi-fi connection and someone that cooks for you, but then I never have been good at roughing it.

Oh… yesterday when we went through Salem there was a large banner on a warehouse liquidation store that made Dave & I chuckle:
Buy one get one free

I do wonder…did they really mean one shoe or a pair of shoes….since we didn’t stop I’ll never know.

Both photos are of Silver Spur RV Park

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