Saturday, June 21, 2008

Oregon Garden

Today we visited Oregon Garden here in Silverton. It is a lovely garden that even includes a narrated tram ride around the park. They are currently building a resort on the property where you can stay in garden themed rooms. The property will also include a 5 star restaurant in the main lodge building. The sign said open 2008, maybe by fall or winter but they have a ways to go.

We met a couple from Salem, Clyde and Barb, last night and enjoyed talking with them. They are parked just across from us so we got to talking again this afternoon for quite a while. Nice people. Dave & I took a couple walks around the park with Cheye today. The RV park is quite large which makes for nice walks. There is also a fish pond where you can catch and release fish and a “nature trail” around part of the park. The nature trail is actually just a mowed trail through the tall grasses that goes by some settling ponds. Quite a number of huge bull frogs living in the ponds, they are really loud!

Again a very pleasant day.
The pics and video are of the Oregon Garden.

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