Wednesday, June 11, 2008

D River

The weather is a bit better today, cloudy but no wind and substantially less rain. We drove up to the public beach access at D River in Lincoln City this morning. The beach there is a wonderful wide, long, stretch of sand. We started out toward the ocean, let Cheye off her leash and she finally got the feel of a real beach. She ran and ran and ran, chased seagulls and crows having a great dog time. We also enjoyed our walk and the beach, really beautiful.

The RV park has really filled up. Last night 4 RV’s from California that are all traveling together arrived. Today a huge beautiful Class A from Washington pulled in, everyone is very friendly. We frequently have “neighbors” hopping on our roof here, crow neighbors. The noise is a very quiet clicking/scratching noise. I always look at Cheyenne thinking she is up to something.

Later in the day…..
We walked down to the State park this afternoon. Usually there are just a couple people at that beach but today there were quite a few, I’m sure due to the nicer weather. The tide was out so we were able to walk much further down the beach. We found a nice rock to sit on and just watched the ocean for a while. After we got back we grilled halibut on the bbq for dinner…yummy. All in all a very nice day!

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