Sunday, June 15, 2008

Very Quiet Day

We just hung around the campground today. Dave made scrambled eggs and bacon this morning for our breakfast which was quite tasty. He uses our outdoor Coleman grill & griddle combo which works great. Frying bacon in the trailer is kinda touchy, it is such a small area and then there is the matter of the smoke detector… it is sensitive, as it should be, but they need a “Hold on, I’m frying bacon right now” setting. When we fried bacon in the trailer a while ago that darned thing went off and we couldn’t get it to shut down. Dave finally removed the battery for a while… so bacon is now fried outside. :)

We have been discussing a plan for our future travels. We need to get back to South Dakota at some point, but we want to miss Sturgis during the rally (too many people) but still get there before the bad weather sets in. We are still tossing it around and looking at options. The internet is just soooo handy!

I think this RV park has some interesting cabins, they call them tree houses. Kind of a cute idea. The Siletz River has been known to flood occasionally so this puts the cabins our of harms way. Here is a picture of them:

And here is a little video of the river flowing by the campground:

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