Friday, June 27, 2008

The Dish Is Installed

The dish is all installed and working wonderfully. Nate (the installation man) really did a nice job, cleaned up some messy wiring and fixed a speaker we didn’t even know was broken. Really nice man and knows his stuff.

Other than the installation we just hung around the place. Jim wasn’t working today so we all sat and talked on their back porch for a while. Cheye & Recon had a bit of a disagreement yesterday, much growling and some biting involved, so they are ignoring each other today. Last night we got steaks, salad and cob corn for dinner and Jim was the barbeque chef for us. The steaks were great (meat from Costco)! Ribeye's that were tender and juicy - mmmmmmm. Tonight we are going out for Chinese food. Gosh, I haven’t cooked since we left Silver Spur, I could get used to this!

Here is a video taken from the roof of our Trailer, pretty nice view from up there.

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