Thursday, January 8, 2009

Beautiful today, maybe not tomorrow

Since we needed a few groceries a trip to town was on the agenda today. We passed a Ralph’s grocery store on our way to the park so that is the direction we headed. Nice enough store. We got our groceries and then back to the park. The rest of our day was much like yesterday, much like most days RV’ing; reading, relaxing, surfing the net, taking the dog for walks and visiting with neighbors.

The weather today was even warmer and more beautiful than yesterday here in Menifee, CA. After talking with our neighbor Judy we have found out this wonderful weather is going to come with a price…Santa Ana winds. They are supposed to start tomorrow afternoon. I imagine we will feel like we are “back home” at Benton City, WA going through one of the wind storms there. Guess we will see. :o)

Photos: ducks and geese here at Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes park

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