Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oceanside, CA

Sunni, someone that follows our blog, suggested a trip to Oceanside the other day. I thought that sounded like fun so this morning we headed over to the ocean. I did do a little internet reading to figure out some things to see. We started our sightseeing at Mission San Luis Rey. It was founded in 1798 and is quite a large Mission. The grounds are very pretty with some huge succulents, also an old cemetery.

From there it was off to the beach. We ended up by the Oceanside Pier. The beach was well groomed and had areas with picnic tables and a nice sidewalk for walking along the beach. Unfortunately no dogs allowed on the beach so Dave, Cheye and I stayed to the sidewalk and just enjoyed the scenery.

Our last stop was Guajome Regional Park and a picnic lunch. A really nice park along Hwy 76. There is a lake and some trails, even RV sites. A very pleasant drive, amazing weather and fun day.

When we got back to the Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes park we stopped at the park store. Dave had checked on pickleball paddles while there a few days ago. The clerk had said they were going to order some in and they did! They even set a couple paddles aside for us since we had asked for them. So this afternoon we tried pickleball. Well, so far we are just working on getting the ball back and forth over the net but we’re having fun!

Top:Mission San Luis Rey
Right: Hummingbird in the flowers
Bottom Series:
~Oceanside beach
~Another view of Mission San Luis Rey
~On the grounds at Mission San Luis Rey - the oldest pepper tree in CA is beyond the arch
~Some interesting flowers


Sunni said...


SO happy that you enjoyed Oceanside. You even found some places that I was not aware of. We would make a good traveling team! Ha Ha Enjoy your stay - this weather is great!

Dave and Lori said...

Thanks again for the suggestion! Still need to go to Temecula, a number of people have said the wineries or old town are fun to visit. And you're right...this weather is fabulous!