Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

As I mentioned yesterday, New Year’s Eve was quiet for us, at least until midnight…then the Vegas fireworks started going off and woke us all up. We wished each other a Happy New Year , calmed down Cheye and it was back to sleep. Day one of 2009 was spent in pretty typical fashion. I did do a little cleaning, 4 loads of laundry and put away Christmas, but besides that it was hang around the trailer and read, surf the net and walk Cheye.

We did spend some time talking about our travel schedule. The plan is still to go to southern California from here but we are now starting to throw around ideas for spring. We’ll probably change our thoughts a dozen times before we come up with a final plan…of course that is the beauty of this lifestyle, we can move or stay whenever and where ever.

Photos and Video: Taken yesterday at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

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