Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pio Pico

Well everyone is right…lousy cell reception here. We have enough signal to get a phone call, but sometimes it gets garbled, and just enough signal for the aircard to upload small emails and a little internet surfing but not much. I’m using the Thousand Trails connection at the Adult Lodge right now. Not screaming internet here either (video is uploading at 8kB/s). Oh well, we will survive but I doubt I will be posting everyday.

Pio Pico (in Jamul, CA) is a lovely park, it is divided into North and South of the main road. We are currently in the North Section and really like it here. Very quiet and the weather is fabulous, up to 61 already and it is only 11:30!
I think this is gonna be another great Thousand Trails park!

Photo: Our site here at Thousand Trails Pio Pico
Video: Views of Pio Pico…btw I made the opening title clip with my little animation program…such fun!


Rodney and Dennis said...

Welcome! We look forward to seeing you next week!

Dave and Lori said...

Great! See you in a week!