Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We did a little exploring today. This is a big park! It’s a nice park, a store, adult and family lodge, large pool and lots of interesting water birds. They stock the canals with catfish so we have seen a few people out with fishing poles. Yes, you can occasionally smell the dairy down the road, but it really isn’t strong and just drifts through the park now and then.

The weather was beautiful today, up to 70 degrees. We walked around part of the park this morning and then went back to the trailer for lunch and some relaxation. We sat outside in the lawn chairs, Dave read and I stitched. Our second walk was longer covering the entire park. Once back we sat outside again and our neighbor, Judy, came by and chatted for a while. Then dinner (bbq’d steaks) and yet again outside with our new propane campfire. It’s been a fun day at a nice new (to us) park.

Photos: a couple birds here in the park
Video: Around Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes

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