Monday, January 12, 2009

Pickleball search

We needed a few things at the store today and were going to drive about 11 miles to the nearest Walmart Superstore, but after chatting with our neighbor Judy this morning we changed our plans. She mentioned that there is a Super Target just down the road so that is where we went. Actually there is a group of stores there, Lowe’s, Best Buy, Staples, Starbucks, Kohls, Super Target, Sport Chalet, Petco and a number of others. Quite a complex, I believe it was called Menifee Countryside Marketplace. We got what we needed and stopped at the Sport Chalet hoping to find Pickleball equipment, but no such luck.

Our site is right by the Pickelball courts here at Wilderness Lakes and it looks like a fun game. I guess the park store usually carries paddles but are out of stock. No matter, we will run across some somewhere!

Top: Wilderness Lakes preserve, Menifee, CA
Bottom series: Cheye and a stick


rj mj adventures said...

I love the finish project. Cheye did a great job with the stick today. Cheye now need to pick up after herself. Let me know when you do find the pickleball equipment.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Marilyn

I've found some online but want to check around a bit... I will let you know!

Yes, Cheye is a very messy child. :o)


Sunni said...

Hi Lori,

I follow your blog each day. It is very enjoyable. If you are looking for things to do in that area I have a few suggestions. The city of Temecula is not far from you. The old town part is kind of fun to walk around in and has alot of antique shops. Also, Oceanside is a easy drive for the day. Bring a picnic lunch as there are several places to park along the waterfront and sit on the grass with Cheye. I know she will love it. If you still are looking for ideas, the town of Fallbrook (close to Temecula ) has lots of orchards. Just some ideas! :)

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Sunni!

Good to hear from you again. Thanks for the suggestions. Oceanside sounds fun, we may do that. I think we'll go to Temecula sometime too, maybe visit some wineries.


Tom Warfield said...

Cheye makes kindling into tinder. One of my dogs makes newspaper into confetti.

Dave and Lori said...

Hehe...yep she does. When we were on the Oregon coast it came in handy since we could have wood fires. Now it just makes a mess! But she seems to love chewin'


Sharon said...

I'm guess from your pictures you're traveling wth a dog. So, I'd love to hear your thoughts on traveling with a dog. My husband and I have debated about whether it makes sense to bring a pet along on an RV adventure.

Dave and Lori said...

Hi Sharon,

I think my answer would be too long for a comment. I'm going to use your comment as my subject for my blog today (Jan 13), so check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!