Saturday, January 17, 2009

A couple of lovely days

Our last couple of days here in Menifee, CA have been very enjoyable. The weather has been fabulous, sunny and warm. Yesterday we tried our hand at Pickleball again, in the evening we went to the campground café and had spaghetti dinner. While there we met Jim & Dot, they are from the Seattle area. Very nice people.

This morning I went in to Super Target and picked up a few things. It’s so handy being close to shopping! Besides that we were pretty quiet today, stitching, resting and watching people. With the holiday weekend it is fairly busy here, lots of families camping or visiting for the day. Keeps it lively!

Top: Cheye while out on a walk
Middle: People playing Pickleball
Bottom: Cheye up close


rj mj adventures said...

No pickle ball today?

Dave and Lori said...

Nope...with all the people here the courts were full most of the day!


Joy and Phil said...

I love this dog!!!

Dave and Lori said...

Me too, she is simply the sweetest dog I've ever had!