Monday, January 5, 2009

Leaving tomorrow

Our 2 weeks in Vegas have gone very quickly. Tomorrow we leave for the Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes preserve in Menifee, CA. It looks like it will be a little warmer there which will be nice, and it is new territory which is always fun.

This morning we went to the breakfast buffet at Boulder Station. When we got back to the trailer I decided to do a load of laundry. I went to the laundry room closest to our trailer and a lady was in there with both dryers going, both washers going, and 3 baskets of laundry sitting there! That is the first time I’ve seen anyone doing that much laundry at one of the campgrounds. I used one of the washers in one of the other laundry rooms. :o)

It’s been a fun stay in Vegas, a fabulous show, Ethel M.’s Botanical Cactus Garden, Red Rock Canyon and a couple trips into the strip. I’m sure we will be back.

Top: the Christmas tree in Bellagio’s conservatory
Middle: the outside of the Paris casino

Bottom: a fountain along side the Paris casino

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Rodney and Dennis said...

Obviously she didn't like to do laundry too often. She must have a big motor home because I know that much laundry wouldn't fit in our coach!

Safe travels, and enjoy Menifee!