Friday, January 30, 2009

Old friends

Wednesday we ran into Nancy an Peter, people we met back in August while we were at Thousand Trails Chehalis! How fun. Last night the four of us got together, had snacks and a bottle of merlot and caught up on what everyone had been doing. It was a fun time.

It’s been absolutely beautiful here in Jamul, CA. In the 70’s and sunny, could not ask for more wonderful weather. Dave’s been doing a lot of photo taking and I’ve been reading and stitching along with our usual walks. We also bought a little badminton set so we tried out yesterday…it’s a bit of a transition going from short handled pickleball paddles to long handled badminton rackets but eventually we got the hang of it!

Cheye in the leaves
Cute little Ladybug
Pio Pico and Cheye

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