Monday, January 19, 2009


The park here in Menifee, CA was busy emptying out this morning and then a new batch came in a little later. We were able to get out on the Pickleball court for a while today. We don’t keep score yet, just count how many times we can make it over the net…45 times was the highest so far!

We took a couple of walks too, but mostly we seemed to be chatting with people today. While on one walk we talked a little with a couple and then complimented them on their nice looking Class C, so they gave us a tour. One set of neighbors pulled out this morning and when the new ones arrived they talked to us for quite a while. Finally, this afternoon Ernie, a very nice man a few spaces away, brought over his chair and the three of us had a very pleasant time. It’s always nice to meet pleasant people.

Top: Cheye winking :o)
Bottom: Geese flying by a hot air balloon that floated by this morning

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