Sunday, January 4, 2009

A visit to the Vegas strip

This morning we decided to go over to the Vegas strip and look around. After walking for a while we ended up in Bellagio’s and made our way to the conservatory. I was there the other day but Dave hadn’t been there yet. The Christmas decorations are still up and really amazing…huge snow-people made of carnations, reindeer covered in pecans plus lots of other beautiful creations. To get to the conservatory we walked through the lobby, the ceiling is covered with glass flowers created by artist Dale Chihuly …gorgeous. And then there are the beautiful fountains outside, large and small. What a outstanding resort.

We spent the rest of the day in the typical way. It was a very pleasant.

Both from the Conservatory at Bellagio
top - Lobby at Bellagio
middle - fountain outside Bellagio
bottom - view from Bellagio

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Joy and Phil said...

Dave and Lori,
Boy that new camera is a honey! Decided to put a visitor's map on my blog. Not happy with the results and cannot seem to find a way to delete it. Can you help?