Sunday, January 11, 2009

Warm Day

Another beautiful day here in Menifee, CA. Temperatures were in the upper 70’s, a little breeze and beautiful sunshine. On our walk this morning we decided to head down the road that runs by the front of the park. There is a farm just across the road so we walked along the field as far as we could go. It was a great walk on such a fabulous day, all three of us enjoyed it.

After enjoying this park for the past few days we decided to extend our stay. As time goes along we find it is nice to stay put for a while at each park. It gives us time to know the place better and is far more relaxing. :o)

Cheye on our walk today


Joy and Phil said...

Dave and Lori,
Okay, I'm going to try again with another question. I read your blog every day because it is very nicely done and I love Cheyenne. I also envy your computer expertise. But, I have commented and asked questions before to no avail but I'm going to give it another shot. Is that a muzzle on Chey? I think I've seen it on her before and wonder why she wears it.

Also, we are curious about the Thousand Trails membership and would be interested to know if you feel it is worth the cost.

Safe travels,
Joy and Phil

Dave and Lori said...

Hmmmm...I thought I had answered your questions on the comment page after your comment. Let me see if I can find your email! Anyway, no that is not a muzzle it is a Gentle Leader. Cheye is a puller and is so strong even Dave has trouble keeping her back. This lead is fantastic!

Dave and Lori said...

Well, I don't see an email listed on your blog page. We bought a transfer Thousand Trails membership, meaning someone was selling their membership because they no longer used it. We got it for $3700.00 and then a yearly dues of $600.00. It's paid for itself already.
You can email me at if you'd like.

Dave and Lori said...

Hmmmm again, I remember typing a reply to your question about the vistor map, but I don't see it there! Very weird. Looks like you figured out how to remove it.

Joy and Phil said...

You know I realized after my comment today that you might very well have answered me in your comment column and I probably did not go back and look but if you can't find it, I wonder???

My other question was a worry about Chey sticking her nose into holes in the desert and scorpions or snakes. I am terrified of snakes and so hiking in the wild is out for me. When I watched her in the videos sniffing around rocks and bushes my personal anxiety kicked in.

Yes, I finally figured out how to remove the map. In the process I lost my site meter and am now trying to get another on the blog. I guess if that's the worst of my trials and tribulations in the fulltime RVer life I'm pretty lucky, right?

Your TT membership sounds like a pretty good deal. Have you ever calculated your nightly costs since you hit the road including the original buy in? I came up with about $1.64 per night at $600 a year ... what a bargain!

Dave and Lori said...

I did find a response on the Dec 10 question about Cheye in the desert, so at least I'm not going crazy!! I told you we lived in desert area in WA state with rattle snakes and black widows so we were pretty used to that.

I'll have to figure it sometime with the initial membership fee. The $600.00 can go up - the downside of buying a transfer membership.

Good luck on the site meter. I've never had one, I use the google analytics which is fun to look at now and then.


rj mj adventures said...

I am glad to see Cheye is being photographed. Dave it looks like you are enjoying your new hobby. Your camera takes great pictures. We have enjoyed them.

Dave and Lori said...


Dave says Ron should get a camera like the one we bought so he can have a hobby too! :o) Dave also says he thinks Cindy is available for a photo shoot.

BTW, I think Cheye likes that her pics are on the blog again too. :o)