Sunday, January 18, 2009


We didn’t do a lot today. The Pickleball courts were being used by families for tennis so we didn’t get to play Pickelball again. I imagine once the holiday weekend is over the courts will be less busy. Reading and internet surfing were the main activities of the day, walks and talking to neighbors also.

The geese here are really unafraid. They march up and down the roads honking at who knows what. Cheye isn’t real sure what to think of them. As the geese go by she watches them, no barking, no growling, she doesn’t even stand up, just watches. It’s kind of like she just isn’t sure if they are friend or foe. I often wonder what goes on in her little head, probably better that I don’t know! :o)

Top: A goose marching by
Bottom: A view of the park here at Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes

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