Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Checking out Whalers Rest

Today we took a few walks around the park seeing what it’s like. As I mentioned yesterday there are two sides to the park, north and south. Both sides are great, the south side has more trees and the north side sites seem to be larger. We thought about moving up to the north side but being right by the beach access is great. It’s a beautiful park.

During our walk we saw our neighbor from the South Jetty park in Florence, Sue and her dog Snickers, we had a nice chat. It is fun meeting new people and running into them at different parks. We also went down to the beach this morning. It was beautiful, sun sparkeling on the ocean, around 70 degrees. Really perfect. Cheye had a great run and a good soak in the ocean. A wonderful day.

top: ocean
middle: cheye and the ocean
bottom: another painted satellite dish - lots of detail, notice the fish under the water!

video: scenes from around Whalers Rest

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