Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Night of the Gnats

Last night, just before we went to bed the trailer was “attacked” by a swarm of gnats. It was really odd, we have been here a few nights and opened up the trailer the same as usual but not with the same result. Gnats all over the window screens, a lot got into the trailer too so we were swatting and spraying gnats for a while before sleeping. I even got out the vacuum and vacuumed them up, flying or not! So this morning found us washing windows and window screens clean of dead gnats….yuck!! I’m hoping that was just some strange one night phenomenon and it won’t repeat tonight. I’d much rather sleep with the windows open than with the air conditioner fan.

Besides cleaning up gnat corpses (sorry but it is getting close to Halloween) we just hung around the trailer today. It was quite warm and I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I watched an old movie - Angel and the Badman, did a little computing and a little bookkeeping. Dave read, emptied the galley water, and watched some old movie serials. I joined Dave & Cheye for a morning walk but they went by themselves in the afternoon.

By the way, my legs weren’t nearly as sore as I thought they would be from our paddle boat excursion yesterday. Guess all those walks have paid off. :o)

photos: all taken at Lake Minden, Nicolaus, CA

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Carl and Jackie said...

Aloha Guys! Hope Lori gets to feeling better. We could send you a few of our geckos to help with the gnats as we have three of them on our screen at the moment so if you want a box of geckos don't be afraid to ask!